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Demon Witch by QueenyProductions Demon Witch :iconqueenyproductions:QueenyProductions 1 3
What I fear is
not what you fear.
While some dread the dead of night,
or others the blow of thunder,
as some creep away from the thought of death
and the fear of flight keeps them grounded
I fear what others do not
I fear that my memory will rot
and that I will fade.
Like the infamous and the brave
I want to leave a scar on the memory
of man.
I want a trace of me to remain,
no matter how small,
a sign I lived and loved
and that my efforts stand the test of time.
I want to leave a trace
some blemish on our vast history,
something that shows I existed
and that my life was worth remembering.
I don't want fame
or an album
I don't to be an actor
or even have a house in Bel Air
I don't want too much wealth
or too much doubt
I don't want my accomplishments to
be too large
or too small
I just want to leave a mark,
some proof I existed.
So one day man can look back
and see my name
and know my efforts were worth
:iconqueenyproductions:QueenyProductions 1 0
Nyrac by QueenyProductions Nyrac :iconqueenyproductions:QueenyProductions 2 4
Seashells: Yours will be remembered for eternity
Shepard felt... warm.
Perhaps it was the right thing to experience shortly after dying, but Shepard had never been sure what the protocol for dying was. The last time she died she had been resurrected before she had a chance to discover the meaning of life or see what happened next, not that she was keen on finding out. She just knew it would make an interesting conversation for when she returned.
Maybe she was warm because there was no going back, perhaps this was it, this pleasant heat and the cool sensation lapping at her feet. Now if only she could move. Shepard tried to open her eyes, struggled for a moment, and eventually accomplished what felt like a difficult task.
That voice, calling her... it sounded familiar. Shepard looked up and saw a blue sky, so perfect and crystal, not a single cloud to disturb its beauty. She sat up and saw the ocean, as perfect as the sky. At least she knew what was tickl
:iconqueenyproductions:QueenyProductions 3 8
Platform: EDI's Final Journey
Joker stared at the seat beside him, the co-pilot's chair, now as empty as it could ever be. Jeff had never been alone before. Flying the Normandy there was always someone there beside him. Back in his academy games, on the Normandy SSV and then on the Normandy SR-2, there was always someone there. He was main helmsmen but he was never alone, there was always someone beside him, a friend or commander, who talked and joked with him.
Having someone there made the bridge feel less... empty. He didn't feel as lonely when there was someone there to talk too.
It wasn't like he could just get up whenever he wanted to either, he couldn't go down to the mess hall and talk to the other crew men or talk to Ashley in the observation deck. Hell, he couldn't even talk to the Commander anymore.
Jeff looked away from the empty seat and stared ahead, at the green foliage just beyond the ship. Shepard had actually done it, she had destroyed the Reapers, but at what c
:iconqueenyproductions:QueenyProductions 4 4
Spectres: Fifteenth Assignment
Fifteenth Assignment
The Citadel
The C-Sec office was crowded that early morning as reality-altering news woke tired Councillors from their beds and ambassadors were forced into the halls of the Presidium to discuss the matter at hand. Civilians went to bars or tuned into the news network, they went wherever there was a live feed of the events.
And of all the Spectre's, Garrus was the one who had to miss the event unfold. Seraphina and Wrex waited in the office of Councillor Anderson, eyes glued to the large screen. Anderson had gone to discuss the matter with the other Councillors and ambassadors, giving them their office.
Seraphina went over to Anderson's terminal and contacted Garrus. He maybe away on a mission but he deserved an hourly update. The call went through with the sound of a bell as confirmation.
"Any news, Seraph?" he asked.
"Not yet," Seraphina replied. "They're being very tight-lip at the moment."
"They have every right to be," Wrex grumbled. "It's not every day you ma
:iconqueenyproductions:QueenyProductions 1 3
Spectres: Fourteenth Assignment
Fourteenth Assignment
Morinth looked down at the krogan as he breathed in the vibrant green cloud that expelled from her lips, the glittering fog filled with nanites and malice. The nanites wormed their way into his brain and attacked his senses. He blinked rapidly, feeling the nanites inside of him like something crawling beneath his flesh.
She stepped back, knowing how violent her last krogan victims reacted to the Cerberus nanites. But Wrex didn't lash out like the last krogans; he stayed perfectly still, starring at Morinth, and said: "Your breath stinks."
She gasped, "H-how dare you-!"
"What the hell kind of attack was that?" he asked.
"Impossible," she gritted her teeth. "You should be my slave, you should be praising me and bowing at my feet and-"
A shot rang out and the wall next to Morinth's head exploded, she covered her face, feeling the debris cut and tore up her arms. She swore and looked up, more bullets came raining down. Morinth darted to the end of the alley and jumped
:iconqueenyproductions:QueenyProductions 1 0
Spectres: Thirteenth Assignment
Thirteenth Assignment
Illium, A Month Later
Descending into the darkness, the Justicar readied her weapon and prepared to face the horror that awaited her. She came down to a large door, half opened. The power had been cut not too long ago, and it was a stroke of luck to see the door had failed to close. If it had been locked, she doubted she would have been able to catch up with the killer.
She squeezed through the crack and entered a large bedroom, beautifully furbished with a state of the art entertainment system and a large plush bed. The floor was covered in scented candles and she sensed at one time the sound system must have been playing some over obnoxious romance music.
She approached the bed and found two bodies, two deceased krogan males. She frowned. Two? How had the killer managed to get two krogan at once? Krogan weren't big on sharing and as soon as they realized what the killer was one of them should have been able to make an escape, yet here they both were.
Something w
:iconqueenyproductions:QueenyProductions 7 0
Korsta by QueenyProductions Korsta :iconqueenyproductions:QueenyProductions 0 5
Spectres: Twelfth Assignment
Twelfth Assignment
Liara was quiet.
She hadn't said a word since being placed in the holding cells; she was still trying to figure out what had happened. Did her mother really just throw her into a cell? She refused to believe it. She wanted to close her eyes and when she opened them she would be back on the Citadel and none of this would have happened.
Seraphina watched her friend carefully as she sat in the corner, a despair so strong it looked as though her whole world had just crumbled around her. Liara wasn't going to be much help at the moment. Seraphina was going to have to handle the situation by herself.
The cells appeared to have been constructed quickly and cheaply, they were plain old metal bars covering large holes in the wall. It was like Benezia had predicted she was going to face opposition, but why would she go to such lengths?
First the commando's, now the cells, what the hell was going on?
Seraphina counted the guards, two by the cell, four patrolling and two more by
:iconqueenyproductions:QueenyProductions 1 7
Spectres: Eleventh Assignment
Eleventh Assignment
Seraphina woke late the next afternoon. There was an strange sensation running up and down her legs, sort of like pins and needles, just not as unpleasant. She tried to move, but only one half of her body obeyed. She used her arms to lift her up, but collapsed back down when she found she couldn't move her lower body.
She noticed she was lying on the bed, but she didn't actually remember being moved to the bedroom. Wrex did pick her up at one point, maybe that was when he moved things to the bedroom. She ran her hand over the bed's blanket, a standard bed, much like a human's, only much bigger and not as soft - but she was used to sleeping on worse.
She rolled over and into the form of Wrex, who had been lying there the whole time, watching her. He probably found her effort to move out of bed funny. He ran his knuckles over her eyebrow, rubbing his leathery flesh against her smooth skin. She grabbed his hand and left it against her face, a small smile came across th
:iconqueenyproductions:QueenyProductions 2 0
Mature content
Spectres: Tenth Assignment :iconqueenyproductions:QueenyProductions 3 8
Spectres: Ninth Assignment
Ninth Assignment
Knossos, Ríocht Marfóir's Research Facility

The Cerberus agent stopped beside the congealed pool of blood and took a sample, he was sure it was Shepard's blood and as part of his reconnaissance he was ordered he try to take a sample. He wasn't sure why, he never saw anything special in the woman. Besides, she was infected by the company she kept; she was of no use to Cerberus.
He went down to the laboratory and was met by several Alliance guards, there had been a few of them on each floor, but he had made quick work of them. They barked an order but he barely heard them over the sound of his sword being pulled from its sheath. They gave him another order; he charged and swung his blade, severing the head of the loud guard.
They fired at him, he twisted his body and avoided the shots, coming up close to the Alliance forces and swept his blade through them. He cut them through the middle, blood gushing from their wounds as they fell to the ground in two
:iconqueenyproductions:QueenyProductions 2 4
Spectres: Eight Assignment
Eight Assignment
The Citadel

In the office of Councillor Quentius, Garrus was enjoying a drink of Palaven made turian brandy, and enjoying said drink in the company of the high-standing turian who had made all his recent success possible. Being in the Councillor's office for a private meeting was honour enough, but to share a drink with him? If he was able to, Garrus would certainly show off his accomplishment to his father.
Garrus sat on the sofa as Quentius finished his call with Councillors Tevos and Valern. They both had been informed of Ríocht Marfóir's plans, it was too big a plot to hide from them and it was best they be kept updated on such things and keep the trust between them strong. If they ever learnt of the plan then they would have reason to distrust Quentius and Anderson, and with such a delicate plan in operation they couldn't afford any slip-ups.
Quentius, had however, proded them about Cerberus, but they dismissed all possible ties between Ríoch
:iconqueenyproductions:QueenyProductions 4 6
Spectres: Seventh Assignment
Seventh Assignment
Four Days Ago. Tuchanka, Urdnot

Deep beneath the scarred ground of Tuchanka, Bakara explored the underground bunkers that had been left to crumble and fade into memory. It was dark with very few lights still functional, there were large holes in the ceiling where the tinted orange light flooded into the forgotten catacombs and whatever remained had either been stolen or sold or simply forgotten.
Centuries ago the bunkers were necessary for the survival of the krogans when they plunged themselves into a nuclear winter and all plant life was wiped out, then later the bunkers were used when the krogan's tried to hide away from the Genopage and attempt to outbreed the plague. That however proved useless when the Genophage was injected into 90% of the bunkers and they suffered years of childlessness.
Bakara's parents were very old when they had her, old even by the ancient krogan standards. They were krogan's who lived for centuries, who had time for everything, no
:iconqueenyproductions:QueenyProductions 3 5
Spectres: Sixth Assignment
Sixth Assignment
'The first casualty when war comes is truth.' Hiram Johnson
The Citadel

Seraphina had never been much of a drinker, it seemed back in her academy days the only thing her fellow students were ever concerned with was alcohol and guns, yet Seraphina could never match the pace of the others, nor had much a desire to do so.
She didn't see the point of celebrating death with a drink, she didn't even celebrate a death - she mourned it and that was one of the r
:iconqueenyproductions:QueenyProductions 5 2

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